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All about Poo – April 23

Pooing well! What a great topic you are probably thinking!! But its something we all do and its integral to our health and wellbeing. Did you know…….? We get rid of our excess hormones in our poo? That’s right- we excrete any waste products when we empty our bowels and some of this will include […]


My pelvic health story – March 2023

Hi, I’m Rhiannon, the physiotherapy assistant working on the perinatal pelvic health project. I wanted to introduce myself and tell my pelvic health story. Keeping my pelvic floor in check has been a bit of a battle since I had my son 10 years ago, I LOVE LOVE LOVE running and I couldn’t wait to […]


Your body’s journey during pregnancy and after birth: video resources – November 2022

November 2022 From your pelvic floor to your posture, from caring for your bladder to returning to exercise, supporting your body during and after pregnancy is important. A useful selection of short videos on all of these are available for your information. The videos have advice on exercise during pregnancy, constipation, perineal massage to help […]

Perineal wound healing – August 2022

August 30, 2022 This month’s blog comes from Amanda Argyle, Perinatal Pelvic Health Midwife Up to 9 in 10 first time mothers who have a vaginal birth will have some sort of tear, graze or episiotomy (cut). A tear happens spontaneously as the perineum stretches during birth. An episiotomy is a cut to the perineum […]

Amanda Argyle

Common myths about pelvic floor – July 2022

July 5, 2022 This month’s blog comes from Daniela Long, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health Although it is one of the ways you can identify (find) your pelvic floor muscles, doing it daily as an exercise can be harmful and can increase the risk of urinary infections and for the bladder not to empty […]

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