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All about Poo – April 23

Pooing well!

What a great topic you are probably thinking!! But its something we all do and its integral to our health and wellbeing.

Did you know…….?

We get rid of our excess hormones in our poo?

That’s right- we excrete any waste products when we empty our bowels and some of this will include our excess hormones. If we don’t get rid of these well it can lead to many symptoms including headaches, fatigue and breast tenderness

Constipation can make your pelvic floor weaker?

Regularly straining on the toilet puts a downward force on the pelvic floor- effectively loading stretching these muscles . This can lead to weakening of the pelvic floor over time which can cause difficulty in controlling your bladder, bowel and in some cases pain in the pelvis area.

Being constipated has a high correlation with lower back pain?

There is a strong link between lower back pain and being constipated. Sometimes it’s the chicken and the egg scenario- you had back pain , started taking painkillers and this made you constipated but it can also happen the other way around. Either way its important to manage your constipation well to keep your body healthy.

What is constipation? 

This lovely chart demonstrates the types of stools people pass. The ideal poo is a ‘Type 4’- soft, sausage shape that is easy to pass. If it less than a 4 (so 1-3) you have constipation. The lower the number the more severe this is.

What to do if I have constipation?

Keeping on top of constipation is so good for your health, stick with it! For more info about how to take care of your pelvic floor check out Workout programme

Author Jennifer Westley