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Postnatal Pelvic Health Education Classes

December saw the start of our postnatal pelvic health education sessions and it was absolutely brilliant. We welcomed mums and their babies from across Herefordshire to Halo leisure, where they were met by our physio assistant, Rhi. We kicked off the class with an introduction into pelvic floor anatomy and some of the changes that […]

January 10, 2024

I’ve never had a problem with my pelvic floor, thanks. Why should I start thinking about it now? – October 2023

A common belief we see from a lot of women is that they don’t need to know about performing their pelvic floor exercises because they have never had a problem before- don’t fix it if it’s not broken, right? WRONG! The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that a lot of people haven’t thought […]


November 21, 2023

Gadgets for training your pelvic floor – September 2023

Pelvic Floor Equipment. In this world of fast food, fast fashion and our fast-paced lives we all want a quick fix. Unfortunately it is hard to apply this approach to the human body. Many companies sell pelvic floor training devices which are often described as instant solutions and promise to do the exercises for you. […]

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squeezelifthold road trip – August 2023

#squeezelifthold Road Trip With things moving forward and the team getting ready to start opening our workshops and clinics in Hereford, Amanda (specialist midwife) and Rhi (Physio Assistant) have been busily delivering posters, crib cards and goodies to the midwives across the 2 counties. Have you spotted us out and about, or any of our […]


Caesarean Section Scar Massage – July 2023

Caesarean section scar massage After having a caesarean-section (C-section), scar tissue will develop as the wound heals. Fibres are arranged in random directions, which may cause the tissue to stick together in the wrong place (known as adhesions). Massaging the C-section scar can help the tissue to find its proper place and prevent it from […]

Perineal Massage – June 2023

Our Specialist Pelvic Health Midwife Amanda Argyle is passionate about all things to do with our pelvic health and in particular perineal massage. Please read Amanda’s top tips for protecting your perineum during birth. Perineal massage The perineum is the area of skin and muscle between your vaginal opening and your anus, it attaches to […]

Let’s talk about sex – May 2023

Let’s talk about sex If the FAQ’s didn’t answer all of your questions, here are some more answers that may help. Having sex can be scary after you’ve have given birth. You might be wondering is it too soon, is it safe, will it feel different or hurt? There is no right or wrong time to […]

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